Facebook Marketing Tips & Tricks

Do Facebook Likes affect SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO basically is about the visibility of a website in search engine.  SEO makes your website appear earlier on the search engine hence proving it to be higher ranked. The social networking site Facebook, now has more than 500 million users. In past few years integrating social media in online marketing has become important as the social sharing technologies have developed dramatically.

The Like Button can help you to improve SEO

A like button on facebook can be termed as the greatest online marketing tool getting tons of followers and fans to your site. Not only this, this like button can help you improve your SEO making you number one! Out of various benefits of facebook like one key benefit is affect on SEO. This like button affects your ranking. There is a wave of new marketing strategies since the facebook like button developed.

A facebook like button is a widely used popular like button. This facebook like button has a great influence on your SEO and can really help improve it. You can include this approach in your search marketing strategy and improve your SEO. Likes work as new links which is a social thing and every new link leads you to rank. Both Google and bing are the social engines that rank your website.

A valuable Source of Information

With more increasing number of facebook users the facebook like button has gained a significant importance too. People use this button to like new favourite websites and posts and hence popularizing a website and making its discussion more frequent.The search engines really consider these likes as a valuable source of information and focus on the popularity generated with these likes. A facebook page often outranks an official webpage hence spreading the link. Google is itself giving authority to facebook with a large amount of ‘likes’ by allowing the facebook pages to share web links.

Being proactive with your facebook page can really help you improve your ranking. You can plan some great strategy to push your content in market which is more shareable and liked by people, and if less people like your content then you can always buy likes for your page. Another excellent way to grow your ‘likes’ is a blog that can help you populate your facebook page.

Liking the appropriate pages

Liking appropriate pages from your industry can also be very helpful. Show a constant loop of activity by liking your other social network pages this will help your fans to share your new content.  

Try to regularly communicate with your fans and produce a knock on effect list. You can also give off popularity signals and citations to draw attention of Google on this information and improve your ranking. Believe me your facebook likes literally creep into Google’s algorithm of ranking. You can improve your SEO if you focus on your efforts on your facebook page. Social sharing and likes increase visibility of your page. Socialmediafame.com is always with you. We can help you improve your ranking by providing you likes for your page. Visit or website today and purchase likes for your facebook fan page.