Is it legal to buy Facebook fans?

Nowadays, creating a Facebook page to promote a product or service has become necessary for a business because it helps it compete better against its competitors. Earlier, Facebook was only used for sharing messages, photos, and videos to stay in touch with the loved ones who live far away from each other. However these days, businesses massively use Facebook to advertise their products or services, as they consider it a powerful social media marketing tool.

The main aim of the companies is to provide such content on their Facebook profile pages that gets as many likes as it can as well as having the potential to get shared multiple times instantly. Companies not only have to create content, but they have to keep replying to the consumers’ messages and comments. Thus, start-up companies are looking for ways to instantly get thousands of Facebook views and likes within a short time period. They do not have enough resources (time, money and expertise) to build original and engaging content frequently. This is where, buying Facebook likes services play an important role.

Buying Facebook likes service helps start up companies to receive thousands of views and likes on Facebook easily and quickly. Consumers only trust those companies which have considerable amounts of posts and likes on Facebook. In such scenario, buying Facebook likes service will help a company receive thousands of likes on its profile pages and create a positive impression on the consumers. In return, Facebook likes services providers charge nominal fees from $30 to $300 for the services they give.

Up till now, there is no governmental law that prohibits buying Facebook fans by companies. There are many small companies that have built-up hundreds of fake Facebook profiles that they use these to generate likes and comments. Therefore, if a firm is buying likes or comments by availing Facebook likes services then it would not be considered a criminal act.

However, the team of Facebook regard this practice as immoral. They say that buying Facebook likes from any company degrades the value of their site. When a company profile receives inflated comments and likes, it is actually deceiving Facebook users who perceive the company to have genuine likes and comments. It would create a negative impression on their users. In some cases, they even exercise their right to suspend such accounts that get thousands of likes within a single day.

Facebook has strong monitoring tools through which it scrutinises all the account activities. They only promote those company profiles that seem to receive genuine likes and comments. Fans and likes that a company gets through availing Facebook likes service are not authentic. This is regarded as cheating by Facebook authorities. They discourage their users to use such services and encourage businesses to develop Facebook fans quickly by using other lucrative advertising tools for example Facebook’s ad budget tool. Using this tool, the firm sets up a daily ad budget then Facebook displays that ad to the consumers of a specific demographic area. Unlike buying Facebook fans service, this advertising tool does not provide quick results, however, it is effective in acquiring genuine Facebook fans.