As being the largest global social networking website, Facebook has made tremendous effort by opening up a huge opportunity to enable marketers engage their customers by helping them increase affinity with their brand or product.


Engagement is a key factor that helps you to indicate the success of any Facebook fan page, with high levels meaning that you are posting content that your fans will find both relevant and interesting. The truth is that the more engaged fans that you have the more likely they are to be converted into paying customers.

Now the question that points to you here is, how can you measure how engaged your fans are and what are the tools around that can enable you measure engagement on Facebook? This article has been intended to give you a clear-cut understanding on some of the areas you may have been overlooking that are making your Facebook fan page not get off the ground at all.


Building an awesome Fan page is one step, but creating and developing consistent engagement is a whole other skill. By following the simple step-by-step procedures below you should now be able to measure how engaged your Facebook Fans are.


Make Your Fans Fall in Love with the Content they see on their News Feed

Many firms or businesses usually set up fan pages and look to their fan page growth as the main success metric. But this is actual way to measure how successful a Fan page is or can be. The news feed is a very handy tool you can use to know how well your customers are consuming and getting engaged with the content you share with them. Therefore it is your duty to constantly post relevant items, because your loyal readers gets to see the things you share in their news feed wall section, and as such, the more they get to react to the content you share, the more you are able to measure their engagement with your content.


Create a Reporting Process

This point is dependent on how often you post and the number of your fan base. Obviously you would want to consider reviewing this on a weekly or monthly basis. To do this, create a spreadsheet with your chosen metrics and keep it updated regularly. 


Always Check Your Per-Post Insights

This step is very essential in measuring the health of your fan page. It comes in three parts and they are:

  • The content you posted
  • The number of impression made on the post
  • The percentage feedback received

To further explain the meaning of these metrics stated above, the impression is simply the number of times your content was displayed on your fan page wall, and shown in the news feed of fans whether commented or liked. While the percentage feedback is measured by taking the total number of the comments plus the liked and divided by the number of impressions made.


Checkmate Your Daily Story Feedback

This part also has to do with three important components you may need to look into.

  • The total number of likes received on every comment you post per day
  • The number of comments on all of your content for any given day
  • The total number of ‘Unsubscribes’ and ‘Unlike’, on any given day

Measure You Current Position

You need to measure your current position or performance, by looking back over the last few months. In order for you to get an idea on how to do this, simply benchmark your current position and look back over the last few months by taking notes of the metrics that you will measure going forward. This will help you get an idea of your current averages and help you in setting up more targets.


Measure the Competition

This method is obviously want you need to look at. You must spy on your competitor’s or rivals pages and see how well they are doing. Just be sincere and ask yourself these following questions:

  • How many fan do my competitors have compared to mine?
  • Are all their posts regularly getting comments and likes?
  • Do their comments seem to be positive or negative?
  • What are their method of responding to those comments?

 Finally, the final step is to set and map out targets, which should be made based on your current position and attainable on a monthly basis. Take into action what you are going to do to increase engagement and work yourself through it to meet the targets you have set for your business.